Fitness club business plan with calculations

Fitness clubs continue to gain more and more popularity among the modern population. New sports facilities open every year. And if earlier only a few could afford to visit such a club, today everyone can do it.

fitness club business plan

This article will tell you about the nuances of a business in the fitness industry and help you understand the planning of activities. First, let’s look at its strengths and weaknesses.

Business benefits:Flaws:
Good profitabilityHigh level of competition
Fast paybackLarge start-up investment
Opportunity to choose the format of activityRequirement of large areas and special equipment
Growing demand for the service

Correctly chosen concept of development will help smooth out the negative sides.

It involves several business options:

  • purchasing a ready-made fitness club is an expensive idea
  • franchise work is beneficial for the full support of a well-known brand, but will require monthly payments for some time
  • business from scratch involves an independent organization of the business with the development of appropriate steps

Such a business idea is suitable for people who have certain knowledge and experience in the sports industry. Although you still have to resort to the help of specialists.

A step-by-step business plan for opening a fitness club will include the following aspects:

  1. Market and competitor analysis
  2. Choice of range of services
  3. Search and preparation of premises
  4. Documenting
  5. Hiring
  6. Purchase of equipment and inventory
  7. Marketing activities and advertising
  8. Required investments at the start
  9. Profitability assessment
  10. Risk Analysis

Demand and competition analysis

The first step involves a detailed study of the demand for services, offers and price list of competitors. The main ones will be large fitness centers and studios with a wide range of services. The market share of the fitness industry shows an annual increase of 10%. According to studies, the audience of institutions are women and men aged 20-45 with an average income. It is worth looking at them.

The following services are popular:

  • Gym and strength training
  • Aerobics
  • Massage
  • yoga
  • solarium

We define the range of services

The business is notable for its wide opportunities and variety of services for customers. In addition to the listed positions, individual and group classes can be added to the fitness program:

  • Family fitness
  • Children’s choreography and dance directions
  • Pilates
  • Stretching
  • martial arts
  • water aerobics
  • For expectant mothers and seniors with low intensity

For visitors to relax, it is worth organizing a fitness bar and a children’s room. Based on personal preferences and capabilities, choose a narrow or extended list of services.

Search and repair of premises

When choosing a location for a club, its transport and walking accessibility, visibility for customers, and parking availability are taken into account. The institution can be located not only in the city center, but also in a residential area or on the outskirts. It is allowed to be placed in a recreation complex, a separate commercial building, the basement floor of a residential building.

The size of the room depends on financial capabilities and planned attendance, but the minimum area should be from 140-150 sq. m. at the rate of 5 sq. m. per visitor or 6 sq. m. m. per piece of equipment.
The building must comply with the requirements of sanitary, building and fire safety standards, have an air conditioning, ventilation and heating system.

Maintained temperature in the hall 18 degrees, lobby and locker rooms 20-22 degrees, showers 25 degrees. The optimum humidity is 45-55%. You should choose a room with high ceilings from 3.5-4 m., large window openings and even smooth floors without gaps. If the hall is universal, you need to organize its heating in an accelerated mode.

The decoration of the premises should be made of materials that allow regular treatment with disinfectants and cleaning: rubber plates 1 cm thick, roll materials for gyms, self-leveling floors based on polyurethane.

The room area is divided into:

  • meeting area
  • gym
  • a place to warm up
  • Separate changing rooms for men and women with showers and WC
  • inventory storage room

It is also necessary to issue a consumer corner with information:

  • On the types of services provided, the price and the rules for providing
  • About possible medical contraindications
  • Form and rules of payment for services
  • Name of trainer
  • About safety
  • Other useful information

The purchase of premises will cost 1-3 million rubles. At first, you can rent it, which will help save a significant amount.


At this stage, you should choose the form of activity: individual entrepreneur or legal entity and type of taxation. It will be easier to issue an IP with a simplified tax system of 6% or 15% . To do this, you need to contact the Tax Inspectorate with an application, passport and paid state duty.
OKVED codes will be:

  • 93.04 on physical culture and health-improving activities
  • 93.05 on other personal services
  • 92.61 on the operation of sports facilities
  • 92.62 on other activities in the field of sports

In addition, you must obtain the following documents:

  • Consent from the local government
  • Permission from Rospotrebnadzor and the Fire Service
  • Confirmation of qualifications for employees of a fitness club and the availability of medical books with marks on passing a medical examination

It is also a good idea to open a bank account to be able to pay for services with bank cards. In general, the entire process of documenting will take about a month.


The success of a business largely depends on the level of qualification of the staff, since it is on it, in most cases, that customers rely. Therefore, the issue of choosing employees should be approached with particular care.
The table shows the approximate staff for a small fitness center.

Established unitQuantityPayroll expenses
Managerone45 thousand rubles
Administratorone25 thousand rubles
solarium managerone30 thousand rubles
Instructor260 thousand rubles
Masseur260 thousand rubles
yoga specialistone30 thousand rubles
Security guard250 thousand rubles
Room cleanerone15 thousand rubles
Total:315 thousand rubles

A person providing free consultations to clients should always be present in the gym . It is obligatory for the staff of the club to have special education and sanitary books. An excellent option would be the possibility of attracting athletes to the institution who will be able to conduct training and give master classes.

Purchase of equipment

The fitness room is equipped with the necessary sports equipment, selected with the help of a specialist. The minimum set includes:

  • Trainers for different muscle groups
  • Treadmills
  • Step platforms
  • Hanging equipment
  • scaffolds
  • Benches for barbells and leg workouts
  • Pancakes, dumbbells, balls and more

You will also need mirrors, furniture for locker rooms, showers, a solarium, musical accompaniment, office equipment and more. They purchase sports equipment from trusted manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market.

Advertising and marketing

An important step in the business plan is advertising, which involves the use of the following marketing channels:

  • Placement of outdoor advertising, banners in crowded places
  • Advertising in the media, on the radio
  • Distribution of leaflets and posting ads on transport, in elevators
  • Promotion through your own website, Internet resources, social networks and participation in forums
  • Sale of club cards, gift certificates

Advertising should be launched long before the opening in order to let as many people as possible know about the institution. It is not worth saving at the same time, since the income of a fitness club is directly related to effective marketing.

You can interest the client with a bright, memorable sign and slogan, original design. Loyalty programs, various promotions and discounts will help attract and retain visitors : for regular customers, on holidays and birthdays, draws for free visits and similar events. You need to work in such a way that people want to come to you again and again. A satisfied customer is known to be the best advertisement for any business.

How much does it cost to open a fitness club

Initial costs will average from 2 million 370 thousand rubles. Of them:

  • Investments in equipment will come out in the amount of 700 thousand rubles. depending on the area of ​​the room
  • The repair will also require significant costs of about 1 million rubles.
  • Registration of the necessary documentation will cost 50 thousand rubles.
  • The rent is 70 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising 50 thousand rubles.
  • Other expenses 50 thousand rubles.

The numbers are arbitrary and depend on the region, location, business size and advertising investments. Saving will allow long-term rental of premises located in a residential or remote area of ​​the city.

In addition to starting investments, there will also be monthly expenses: for wages, tax and other deductions, utility bills, rent, and so on.

How much can you earn

I must say that according to approximate data, you can earn about 900-950 thousand rubles a month, while the net profit will be 300-350 thousand rubles. That will make it possible to recoup the initial investment in 6-7 months of work. Although with larger investments, the payback can stretch up to 2-3 years.

Revenue is calculated based on the following items: individual and group classes, visits to the gym, solarium and massage parlor. The percentage of customers can be divided as follows: 80% are referred to as permanent, and 20% – to beginners.

  • With an average price of a lesson of 250 rubles. per hour, attendance of 30 people per day and the number of 70 lessons per month, you can earn 525 thousand rubles.
  • With a monthly subscription of 3 thousand rubles. and 100 clients, the revenue will be 300 thousand rubles.
  • Solarium with 100 clients and the price of 250 rubles. will allow you to get another 25 thousand rubles.
  • From massage services worth 1 thousand rubles. you can earn 70-80 thousand rubles.

The planned revenue will depend on the number of services in the price list and the attendance of the institution. Additional positions will increase profits: a sauna, a fitness bar, a swimming pool, the sale of sports nutrition, cosmetology services.

In the future, it is worth thinking about the possibilities of expansion. So you will interest and cover a wide target audience. In addition, with this approach, the business will be highly profitable.

Possible problems and risks

At the last stage of planning, possible business risks and problems should be assessed, the main of which will be the impact of competition . Maintaining a competitive advantage will require using all possible marketing channels, using distinctive methods and additional resources.

Ignoring the study of market demand threatens with a low level of fitness center attendance. A similar situation is created by economic instability in the country. Long-term payback should be taken into account when using a bank loan for business development. While it will be possible to receive the first profit six months later, you will have to pay credit obligations from the first month.

Only after calculating and evaluating the opportunities and risks, carefully planning the necessary steps, they begin to launch the business.
In conclusion, we note some important points:

  • Business success requires constant development and expansion of the list of services provided.
  • Quality service and qualified staff will ensure the image of the institution
  • Timely response to market changes will help to stay afloat
  • Focus on the future guarantees profit

In any case, you should not stand still. The right concept and competent approach is the key to business prosperity.

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