Knitting at home business – step by step plan

Knitting , crocheting, or typing can grow from a hobby that brings extra income into a profitable home-based business . It does not require large investments to start, but you must definitely like the knitting process.

Handmade items are always in demand and are expensive. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​combining hobby with income generation will undoubtedly interest needlewomen.
Where to start, what things are in demand, how to organize the process and other questions will be answered in this article. To begin with, we will evaluate the business idea by analyzing its positive and negative sides.

Business benefits:

  • The minimum initial investment is from 25 thousand rubles.
  • High demand for author’s products
  • Ability to organize at home
  • Payback for a couple of months of work
  • Easy to start with minimum hardware
  • Making money on your favorite hobby


  • Competition, to withstand it you need to be a master of your craft
  • Low hand knitting performance
  • Difficulty in scaling (most often this is a business of one person)

As you can see, there are few cons, which means it’s worth starting a knitting business. But do not forget about a competent business plan aimed at market assessment, pricing, target audience search, and organizational processes.

Demand and competition analysis

To understand whether the game is worth the candle, the study of market supply and demand will help. Even at the initial stage, you need to evaluate the number of potential buyers and competitors, their work. You can get acquainted with the offered range and prices on popular Internet sites : Fair of Masters, Avito, Yulia, Etsy, Ebay and others.

The target audience depends on the concept of activity and assortment. For example, when knitting toys and children’s things, they focus on young mothers, household goods and women’s clothing – on women of different ages, accessories and small things – on girls.

Also, at the stage of studying the market, they estimate the approximate profit and profitability, specialization in the form of the main direction and the accompanying one.

How to make money knitting at home

The first step is to decide on the format of the business. When choosing, they are repelled by two options:

  1. The business of knitting best-selling items: fraught with the possibility of remaining in the shadow of competitors
  2. Entering the market with a unique concept: will allow you to stand out from their background It is
    better to start with simple products that do not require a lot of time to manufacture and are relevant to customers. For example, accessories or children’s clothing. Things for adults to knit are more difficult and longer. These items are best made to order.

For knitting, you can use a machine or do everything by hand. At the same time, the latter option is beneficial in terms of margins and, which will be 30-40% higher than in the first case.

The advantages of machine knitting will be:

  • Work speed
  • Smooth thin knitting, providing greater aesthetics to things

For the manufacture of complex products, additional skills and training courses for knitters costing from 5 to 20 thousand rubles may be required. depending on the volume and form of training.

What is profitable to knit for sale

Before you start knitting, you should ask what things are relevant at the moment. In trend now:

  1. Children’s and adults’ blankets in plush and thick plain knit yarn
  2. Various knitted toys
  3. Hats and snoods do not lose ground for several seasons in a row
  4. Baskets for the interior of different sizes and other decor items
  5. Knitted bags of all shapes and sizes

Clothing for babies is in constant demand: booties, socks, suits, hats, etc. At the same time, it is better to use acrylic and yarn marked “children’s”, “baby” for its manufacture.

Wardrobe items and accessories made from natural materials are in demand: wool, cotton, viscose. Knitted things from melange yarn look beautiful. When choosing material, pay attention to the label, which contains information about the appropriate size of knitting needles and hook.

Define your niche and range

So, the range of knitted goods for sale may consist of the following categories:

  1. Blankets, blankets, pillowcases of different sizes
  2. Accessories and headwear (Gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, socks, slippers)
  3. Warm and summer women’s clothing (cardigans, sweaters, vests, stoles, dresses, skirts, tops)
  4. Clothing for young children (suits, booties, overalls, blouses, jumpers)
  5. Clothes for cats and dogs
  6. Toys
  7. Nice little things Wallets phone cases and mugs Glasses cases Clutches, small bags, etc.
  8. Tablecloths, napkins

To attract a wide target audience, they offer a diverse range of products, unusual gizmos. They use original materials for knitting, interesting performance techniques.

The initial assortment may be small, consisting of several items . In the future, having looked at what is most in demand among buyers, increase its volume.

Is paperwork required?

For a business to be legal, you can register in two ways:

  • As a self-employed person on the State Services portal, the My Tax application or the website of the tax office with the payment of 4% of earnings without submitting annual reports
  • In the form of an individual entrepreneur with a simplified tax system in the amount of 6% of income and an annual report to the tax service, by submitting an appropriate application, passport and TIN, and paying a state duty of 800 rubles.

It is not required to obtain any certificates, licenses and other documents for the implementation of activities.

Purchase of equipment

The list of equipment depends on the knitting technique . To organize a business at home, you should purchase the following materials and equipment:

  • A knitting machine of the corresponding class worth from 20 thousand rubles.
  • A set of knitting needles and hooks in the amount of 7 thousand rubles.
  • Steamer for the finished product for 3 thousand rubles.
  • Tags for knitted products – 5 thousand rubles.
  • Yarn (depending on the product).
  • Accessories: buttons, decorative elements, applique for 2 thousand rubles.

The most necessary will take about 40-50 thousand rubles . rubles, but you can start with a smaller amount, saving on the purchase of a knitting machine, steamer and tags.

Advertising and marketing

An important issue affecting the success of a business is an advertising campaign. Valid ways would be:

  • Internet platforms, forums and communities, social networks
  • Own website with photos of products, detailed descriptions, ordering options
  • Participation in thematic exhibitions, fairs with the presentation of their products
  • Distribution of business cards, flyers in crowded places, shopping centers
  • Word of mouth will increase sales of individual products

Discounts, bonuses, promotions will attract the attention of buyers. Work colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors will be among the first customers. Put together a portfolio of your work to showcase to buyers. Declare yourself, promote your business, increase the circle of customers and earn.


Having knitting skills, running a modest business at home, you can perform all the functions yourself. But for a quick start, you can hire 1-3 knitters, increasing productivity.

This, again, will require additional investment.
Mothers on maternity leave, women of retirement age who want to earn extra money are suitable as staff. They are subject to the following requirements:

  • Knitting speed
  • perseverance
  • Simulation Ability
  • Good taste

Knitters can work at home, handing over finished products within the specified time frame. The amount of remuneration depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

How much money do you need to start

To start a business , 50-70 thousand rubles are enough , of which the main items of expenditure will be the purchase of equipment and yarn.

Investments in equipment will require about 40 thousand rubles, but at first you can only knit and crochet, then you will save 20 thousand rubles. When purchasing a machine, they start from its class: the lower it is, the thicker the threads are used.

Investments in yarn are small, about 5 thousand rubles. and more depending on the range of products. Yarn is purchased in specialized needlework stores or on the Internet, where the price is 10-15% lower. It is more profitable to buy yarn in bulk, directly from manufacturers through joint purchases, while choosing products from trusted brands.

Do not forget to allocate 10-15 thousand for advertising and a small amount for unexpected expenses. The cost of purchasing material and marketing will also be included in the monthly costs.

How much can you earn

Being engaged in only one knitting, large profits should not be expected. It all depends on the volume of sales, cost and type of finished products. Forming the price, repelled by:

  • Material costs
  • The time spent on the manufacture of the product and the complexity of the work
  • Linked item uniqueness
  • Average market prices for a similar product

Knitting business profitability :

If you already know how to knit on a machine and know your capabilities, it will not be difficult to estimate how many things you can knit per month. We estimate for how much we will sell our products at the average market price. Subtract from this the cost of yarn, depreciation of the machine and rent of the premises, if you have to pay it.

The cost of the finished product is 500 rubles, and the sale price is from 2 thousand rubles. On average, monthly earnings are 30-50 thousand rubles, which allows you to recoup investments in 2-3 months of work.

Additional revenue will come from:

  • various master classes, knitting lessons on the Internet, at home, workshop
  • execution of work to order
  • sale of scheme descriptions in social networks, online services
  • your youtube channel

The more options you use, the more income you will receive.

Possible distribution channels would be:

  • Implementation in specialized stores, markets
  • Sales to departments of souvenirs, home textiles, hats
  • Sale through art workshops
  • Renting shelves in children’s and women’s clothing stores, etc.

In the future, you can open your own store offline or on the Internet.

Possible problems and risks

Even a business like knitting at home is subject to some risks. Among the main difficulties:

  • The growth of competition. Active advertising, affordable prices and quality of products, the uniqueness of related things will help to minimize the impact.
  • Seasonality of demand for certain products. The increase in sales of warm clothes falls on the autumn-winter period, while in summer there is a demand for light products made from fine yarn. A wide range of knitted products for different target audiences will avoid risk.
  • Unscrupulous customers who can refuse to pay for the order. Sending the product by cash on delivery, prepayment of the order, safe transaction using the online service will help to reduce the risk to “no”.
  • Unscrupulous suppliers, poor quality yarn. To avoid risk, do not save on material, buy yarn from reputable manufacturers


Making money on your favorite pastime is a suitable option for both experienced needlewomen and beginners who can turn it into a profitable business.

Improving skills and creating original things, you can achieve good results in a short time. The main thing is to decide on the concept, plan the necessary steps and not be afraid of difficulties.

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