toy store business plan

A toy store is an attractive business idea due to its high profitability and quick payback. Due to the huge demand and diverse assortment, this product brings a good profit. Toys are bought always and everywhere: both on holidays and on weekdays, regardless of the season.

toy store business plan

Their cost starts from several tens of rubles to thousands, which gives a wide choice in the search for the concept of activity.

Profitable, fast-growing businessLarge initial investment
Variety of product group and price segmentThe need for a large number of documents
High demand for productsThe presence of high competition
Wide target audience
Business expansion opportunity


How to open a toy store – a step by step plan

The first step to turning an idea into reality is a well- written business plan , which will allow you to take into account the nuances in detail and avoid possible mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at its components.

Demand and competition analysis

It would seem that modern stores offer a huge selection of all kinds of children’s goods and games, but new options appear in the form of play sets and robotic “smart” toys that can surprise not only children, but also adults.

Despite the large number of stores, customers can be interested and retained by high quality, variety and uniqueness of goods. More and more people are trying to buy expensive, safe toys. The target audience will be children of all age groups and their parents.

The market should be analyzed from the choice of a specific niche , depending on the planned specifics. To do this, you should study the information on the Internet or, by visiting the nearest competitors, about their pricing policy, product range, and advantages.

The main competitors are large chain stores and hypermarkets that sell not only toys, but also clothes, shoes, baby food and stationery. You shouldn’t compete with them. It is better to move in a certain direction, for example, educational toys, baby products, or by focusing on the uniqueness of the product or customer loyalty.

If competition in one area is high, you should look for a place in the neighboring territory.

Definition of assortment and suppliers

The criteria for the formation of the store’s product range will be:

  • Orientation to arouse the interest of the child
  • External attractiveness of the toy
  • The relevance of the product, compliance with modern trends

The entire product range is divided into the following categories:

by gender

  • universal
  • for girls
  • for boys

by appointment

  • board games: dominoes, checkers, chess, lotto
  • educational: interactive toys, children’s computers
  • educational: cubes, puzzles, puzzles, constructor
  • musical: children’s guitars, xylophones, synthesizers and other instruments
  • play sets: houses for dolls with furniture, tracks with cars, toys with accessories
  • sets for creativity: from beads, soft plasticine, mosaics
  • collectible: figures of heroes of comics, cartoons

according to the age

  • from 0 to 1 year: rattles, rubber toys, pyramids, educational mats
  • babies 2-3 years old: toys without small parts, cubes, balls, dolls
  • children of kindergarten age: soft toys, cars, play sets
  • for primary and secondary schoolchildren: creativity kits, board games
  • for teenagers: collectible figurines, quests, radio-controlled toys

Of the additional goods suitable: books, stationery, hygiene items, children’s cosmetics, souvenirs, accessories, stickers and more. It’s a good idea to replenish the assortment of the store with appropriate goods for the holidays: New Year, September 1, Halloween, etc. In total, at the initial stage, it will be necessary to purchase 300-500 commodity items.

Finding suppliers is not difficult. Among them are both famous and unfamiliar brands: Barbie, Simba, Lego, Matchbox, Play-Doh, Tomy, Smoby and many others. Information and reviews about manufacturers can be found on the Internet. You need to purchase safe, environmentally friendly products from wholesale suppliers who can provide quality certificates .

Participation in special exhibitions will allow you to study the terms of cooperation and product quality, get acquainted with new products. In order to avoid disrupting the work of the store, it is worth concluding several contracts for the supply of goods at once. To begin with, you should purchase a few positions of each group to monitor consumer demand.

Search and repair of premises

The success of a business is 50% dependent on the correct location of the store . The place for the outlet should be located in a busy area of ​​the city, on the main streets, near amusement parks and attractions, educational institutions, shopping centers. Sleeping areas and first floors of residential buildings of the first line are suitable for a diverse assortment and low prices. At the same time, they should be equipped with a check-in for prams.

The area of ​​the store should be 50-150 square meters , depending on the size of the business, and allow equipment to be installed along the walls and across the hall, as well as visitors to move freely. With limited capital for the first point, 25-30 sq. m.

The area can be bought or rented. The second option is preferable for starting, as it will help you look around and test your capabilities. The average rental price is from a thousand rubles per square meter.

It is worth staying in a bright room with the appropriate design. It should be colorful, made in the same style, enticing. It is not bad to decorate the walls with stories from fairy tales, cartoon characters, bright drawings.

In addition to the trading floor, a warehouse and utility room is required.


To register an activity, you should contact the tax office and register an individual entrepreneur or legal entity in the form of an LLC, providing a passport, an application and a paid state duty receipt. Specified code according to OKVED: 47.65 “Retail sale of toys in specialized stores.”

The simplest taxation system will be the simplified tax system with the payment of 6% of sales income.

No special license is required. You only need to provide:

  • certificates of conformity for each batch of goods and obtain the conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station
  • premises lease agreement
  • fire service permit
  • To conduct non-cash transactions and settlements with suppliers, it is also desirable to open a current bank account.


When choosing employees, they pay attention to such qualities as tidiness, goodwill, stress resistance, the ability to contact customers and work experience in a similar field. The positive attitude of the staff and attention to the buyer will enhance the image of the store.

For a small point of 40-50 sq. m. will need one seller. For a trading floor of a larger area , two sales assistants with a shift work schedule, an administrator, and a cashier are hired. Sellers must have health books. The services of an accountant are used on an outsourcing basis, online. The staff is paid wages, consisting of two parts: salary and bonus from a percentage of revenue to motivate sales.

Purchase of equipment

To equip the retail space, you need to purchase a showcase, racks with a minimum of glass , shelves. The height of the latter should provide freedom of access to toys, allow children to see the goods, and adults to reach them and remove them from the shelves for study. Turntables for magazines, stickers, postcards will help to add usable space.

It is worth thinking about the furniture for the “children’s corner”: a table and chairs, banquets for customers. The equipment must be safe, without sharp corners and protrusions, so that small visitors cannot get hurt.

Store Advertising and Marketing

You can attract customers with:

  • bright sign with a catchy name
  • interesting design at the entrance
  • a varied and original range of products
  • promotions, gifts to customers
  • bonus program, discount and discount cards

It is rational to place the most interesting and attractive toys for children in various price segments, designed for buyers with different income levels, on the outer showcase.

To promote your business, use:

  • advertising in the media, in elevators, on transport
  • banners
  • distribution of information booklets
  • distributing leaflets in mailboxes
  • own website, social networks

Offer not only familiar toys and goods for children, but also rare items that are hard to find. Provide high service in maintenance and additional services: free delivery, animators.

How much does it cost to open

Item of expensesAttachments
Purchase of a batch of goods500 thousand rubles
Equipment for the trading floor and employees150 thousand rubles
Premises for rent40 thousand rubles
Repair work100 thousand rubles
Paperwork30 thousand rubles
Marketing and Advertising70 thousand rubles
other expenses30 thousand rubles
Total:920 thousand rubles

Costs can be more or less depending on the geographical location, format and assortment of the store:

  • point on the market will require an average of 250-300 thousand rubles. for the purchase of goods and up to 100 thousand rubles. for equipment
  • a department in a shopping center will cost from 800 thousand to a million rubles
  • a large specialized store of toys and children’s goods is the most expensive of all options from 1 million rubles.
  • an online store with delivery will save on premises and salaries of employees

it is advisable to open a franchise store with a narrow assortment in large cities

Monthly costs will include:

  • payment of wages 80-100 thousand rubles.
  • rent of premises 30 thousand rubles.
  • replenishment of the assortment 100 thousand rubles.
  • payment for electricity, advertising, taxes and other minor expenses 30 thousand rubles.

How much can you earn

The mark-up for soft toys, dolls, designer is 50-100% , for children’s goods from 70-120% , and for some types it can reach up to 200-300% , which will pay back the store within 6-8 months of work and get a high profit. The cheaper the product, the more cheating you can do. Try not to exceed the market value, and at the beginning of the work, set the price below the competitive one.

With an average profit of 150-200 thousand rubles. per month profitability will be 30-50%. The amount of income directly depends on the amount of investments. The larger the injection, the more profit you can get.

Possible problems and risks

The toy business is subject to several risks, which may come from:

  • insufficient analysis of the market situation and underestimation of competitors at the beginning
  • a drop in consumer demand due to a decrease in household income
  • delivery of low-quality or defective goods
  • increase in purchase prices for products
  • human factor and unforeseen circumstances

It should be remembered that strict sanitary and hygienic requirements are imposed on children’s goods and toys, so the sale of goods that threaten health is fraught with fines and lawsuits.

To minimize risks, it is worth keeping, if possible, several small outlets in different parts of the city. So you can protect yourself from product deposits and increase income by expanding your business.


Opening a toy store is associated with a strict adherence to a business plan and a chosen concept that will help achieve your goals. Deep market analysis , the right approach to choosing suppliers and product range, and marketing policy will help to avoid possible mistakes .

With a competent approach to business, it is possible to expect payback and net profit in 8-10 months of work. And only a few business concepts can show such a result.

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