Trade in honey as a business

The honey trade is an interesting and sought-after business that can bring a good income. And the minimum initial investment and low level of competition make it even more attractive.

Honey trading business plan

Good honey and bee products have always been in demand among buyers. Due to their beneficial properties, these products are valued all over the world. If you decide to try yourself in such a promising business as honey business , you should delve into the intricacies of doing it.

Business pros and cons

And you should start with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the honey trade. It should be noted that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

Firstly, these are small initial costs from 200-300 thousand rubles.
Secondly, quick payback and good profitability
. Thirdly, low competition, which allows you to choose a different format of activity.

Of the minuses, the main one will be the difficulty in winning customers due to the high cost of the product. But, providing a high level of service, with a well-designed concept, you can easily overcome this shortcoming.

Variants of formats for honey trade

When deciding on the specifics of doing business, you need to think about its format . This can be both offline and online activity:

  • Place in the market. This is the most economical option. Although buyers began to trust market traders less due to violations of sanitary standards and the lack of a guarantee of honey quality. If you decide to stay on it, then you should open a small specialized kiosk selling beekeeping products. In the eyes of buyers, this format looks more attractive.
  • A department in a shopping center or supermarket or your own store
    Will bring good profits with a reasonable approach. The image of the outlet will help to give an additional sale of related products: wooden barrels, spoons, jars, printed publications.
  • We need a varied assortment of honey, beekeeping products: perga, royal jelly, wax, pollen, propolis and ointments based on them.
    Be sure to give customers the opportunity to taste honey, inform about the place of collection, the benefits of the components. You can arrange master classes on the preparation of healing compounds, the choice of good honey.
  • Online store or own website. Beneficial in terms of saving on premises and staff. As well as the purchase of a product range, since in the virtual store you can place out-of-stock goods with the pre-order function.
  • Selling through social networks . With this option, it is difficult to immediately attract a large audience. You will have to start with acquaintances, create one or more groups on social networks and invite as many people as possible to it.
    Whichever option you choose, drawing up a business plan with an analysis of demand and competition is still worth the financial part.

Honey packaging

An important point is the issue of packaging products. It involves two options:
Purchasing pre-packaged honey at wholesale depots, which will save on the purchase of packaging equipment. This is the simplest option with less hassle. But the margin will be a small 50%, as well as profit.

Self-packaging in plastic or glass containers. In this case, you will need special equipment in the form of an automated line. It is not cheap, but the markup on products can be set at 100-150%.

If you live in a rural area, you can think about your own apiary of 60-70 hives, but this will require high costs and knowledge of the intricacies of the matter.
Based on your financial capabilities and choose the method that suits you.

How to open your own honey shop

Depending on the chosen direction, initial investments are taken into account. To open a small specialized department in a shopping center, you will need an amount of 300 thousand rubles , which consists of the costs of:

  • purchase of equipment about 120 thousand rubles.
  • formation of the assortment of the store from 130-160 thousand rubles.
  • advertising campaign 35 thousand rubles.
  • business registration 10 thousand rubles.
  • other expenses 15 thousand rubles.
  • When selling honey on your own, you will need a car to deliver products to the point, and these are additional costs in the region of 350-400 thousand rubles.

In the future, monthly expenses for rent, wages, electricity, taxes, and so on will be added.

Before opening, determine the circle of potential buyers, explore the market demand and offers of competitors in terms of assortment, price, type of product packaging. Stick to the average market value of honey. Raise the price gradually if it’s a truly unique product.

Room search

To organize a business, a large area is not needed. Enough space of 10-20 square meters , located on a busy street of the city, a supermarket, a shopping center, next to pastry shops.

In order to save on rent, you can find a room in a residential area, then local residents will be your customers. A place on the first floors of residential buildings with a monthly payment of 20-30 thousand rubles is also suitable.

The main thing is the presence of a noticeable sign and a convenient approach to the outlet.
With extensive activities, you need to think about the storage of raw materials and packaged honey. This should be a room with the appropriate temperature and humidity of 60-70%.

Assortment development

An equally important aspect will be the selection of the proposed product range. Honey should be represented by several types , for example, Altai, Caucasian, Bashkir and a variety of composition: linden, sweet clover, flower and others.

  1. Offer customers beekeeping products, creams based on them, gift sets.
  2. Herbal teas, collections, cosmetics based on honey, and special literature will help to supplement the assortment.

Increase the value of the product , change the appearance and design of the container. Place on the packaging the maximum amount of information about the product, advise customers on any questions. Do not ignore the buyer, if possible, work “to order”.

Search for direct suppliers

This question has several solutions:

  • Purchasing honey from local beekeepers. It is more unpredictable and costly, as you will need to go around the nearest villages, taste the products and choose the best one.
  • Buying in wholesale markets. Suitable for a small amount of initial investment and will save on logistics.
  • Search for suppliers at honey fairs, on the Internet. In this case, you can agree on the supply of goods to the store for subsequent packaging and sale.

Please note that the products must be accompanied by a certificate of conformity and a veterinary certificate, which confirm the quality of honey. This is a prerequisite.

Necessary equipment

To run a business, you will need:

  • Shop equipment. You can buy it ready-made, order it, or make it yourself. Of the materials, it is preferable to use wood. You need shelves, a display case and containers for honey. The cost of equipping the point will be from 100-120 thousand rubles.
  • Honey packaging machine. The device is designed for automatic packaging of the product in various containers from 10 mg to 5 kg and beating honey to a creamy consistency. Such a machine will cost you 500 thousand rubles.
  • To store honey, choose containers made of safe, environmentally friendly materials. For packaging, plastic and glass jars of different sizes, wooden kegs are suitable. It will take from 100 thousand rubles to buy it.

Business registration

When opening a retail outlet, you need to register an individual entrepreneurship with the tax service. From the documents you will need a copy of the passport, an application and the payment of a state fee of 800 rubles.

Specified OKVED code: 52.27.39 , which allows you to legally engage in retail trade in food products of the “other” category, the taxation system is simplified.

A special license is not required, you only need to be certified by Rospotrebnadzor and Rosstat.


A large staff of employees is not required for the honey trade. It is enough to find a competent seller, familiarize him with the specifics of the goods and the necessary information. Set wages from the basic salary and bonus from a percentage of sales . If you wish, at the initial stage, organize the entire process on your own: packaging of goods, trade, documentation.

When expanding your business, you can hire several product distributors, packers and assistants for an automated line, a cleaner. Since they will work with food products, it is mandatory to have a sanitary book for each employee. Bookkeeping can be done online through the Internet resources.

Marketing and Advertising

You should also pay attention to the marketing campaign, otherwise you risk being left without customers. At the same time, you should not spend significant amounts. Use:

  • blogging and maintaining your own website
  • social networks, forums
  • advertising in elevators, at the entrances of houses, bus stops, bulletin boards
    “word of mouth”

Be sure to regularly replenish the range of products, offer unique products, arrange tastings and visit various fairs and exhibitions. Make discounts for regular customers , promotions.

When laying out, observe the rotation of the assortment, the visibility and information content of packaging, price tags. Focus on the design of the window and the design of the room, the atmosphere of comfort of which should contribute to the location of the client.

Expand your business: after winning the attention of buyers in one area, open outlets in other places. This will allow you to create a recognizable own brand.

Business risks

Despite the payback of 2-3 months and good profitability of 40% or more, honey trading is subject to some risks. In addition to competition, the seasonality factor also plays a role , the least demand is observed in summer. Therefore, the sale of additional and related products will help to minimize it.

Another negative point is the purchase of a batch of low-quality honey. To avoid this, taste the product and check for a certificate of conformity .

With low consumer demand, it is worth reviewing the pricing policy, product range and activating advertising activities.

Only in this way you will achieve a successful and promising business that brings high and stable income.

In the end, I would like to once again note the attractiveness of the honey business, which does not require large investments and will quickly pay off. By paying increased attention to the subtleties of its organization, you can develop the business to impressive proportions.

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